Victorinox RangerGrip 178 (0.9663.MWC4)

I have wanted this knife for around 3 years and I could not get it until my last trip to Mexico.

2 years ago

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I have wanted this knife for around 3 years and I could not get it until my last trip to Mexico.

Mexico is a special place for Victorinox knives. You can get them from department stores that sell high quality products (as well as some sports stores) such as Sanborns. In this country one of these knives is a little bit of a luxury item and usually when you own one you take good care of it.

Having said that, the Victorinox RangerGrip 178 is quite a treasure for me. I bought a leather pouch for it at the crafts market in Cuernavaca, 100% made in Mexico and a small lanyard as well.

I use this knife whenever I have a hike in the Alps. It is quite performing at cutting tasks including cutting sticks for campfire. This model is more practical for me since it has a Phillips screwdriver. If you hunt, you will be able to adjust the mount rings of your rifle scope with it (depending on the model).

The blade is one handed opening (locking blade). The logo is the button that unlocks the blade and the grip on it is quite comfortable, I feel that I can perform cutting tasks under the rain without feeling that the knife will slip off my hand. It is not the most grippy but it does a great job.

Of course you can open cans and bottles. This model is the inheritance of good old Wenger, which had a better can opener than Victorinox’s, but well, that is quite a discussion for another time. The blade is mostly serrated with a plain edged tip. It is the king of tomato cutting.

This knife is great, it is quite resistant to corrosion, quite versatile, good-looking, and easy to use. If you need just one multi-tool for the mountain this is an excellent option.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hector Perez

Published 2 years ago