Victorinox Explorer 1.6703 and Explorer Plus 1.6705.3

I came across the Victorinox Explorer when I was looking for a easy to carry yet functional pocket knife.

4 years ago

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I came across the Victorinox Explorer when I was looking for a easy to carry yet functional pocket knife. I was actually looking at the Victorinox Tinker Deluxe because I wanted it to have the Phillips screw driver. I was decided to get it. I visited several knife shops without any success, I was not able to find it until one day I was watching YouTube reviews and I saw the Victorinox Explorer review as a video suggestion.

I immediately changed my mind, since this model has everything I need and the Phillips screw driver opens like the knife making it very comfortable to use, I really don’t need the cork screw but it has come in handy when untightening knots. I don’t have much use for the magnifying glass, and I would prefer it to be made out of glass instead of plastic, but anyway, I can’t do much about it. The only tools that I would like to have in the Explorer are the pliers and a nail file.

For the price I can’t really complain. This model costs around 40€ (at the time of this writing) but I paid just 25€ at a local sports store, good deal I think. This has been my EDC for the past couple of weeks, since the first week of 2017 I think. I am really liking it. In my opinion is the perfect tool for people that have an IT job but a passion for outdoors.

The only tools that I don’t like at all is the can opener, I don’t like Victorinox’s version, I prefer Wenger’s. I am looking forward to get some custom titanium scales to make it really unique but the makers are taking some time to answer! I can understand why of course. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

I have 4 Explorer models. In the photographs you can see 2 red, 1 blue, and 1 black.

The 2 red ones are normal Explorer models (1.6703).

The blue one is a Explorer model with Plus scales, pin, mini screwdriver, and pen. Basically an Explorer Plus model.

The black one is an Explorer Plus model (1.6705.3).

Hector Perez

Published 4 years ago