SOG SEAL Strike (Deluxe Sheath)

SOG SEAL Strike (Deluxe Sheath)

This is one of my favorite knives for sure.

This is one of my favorite knives for sure, this specific variation is the one that has the deluxe sheath. This means that you get a firesteel, a sharpener, and a grove to cut cord or things like that.

Also this sheath is really nice, made of what it seems to be very durable plastic, it really feels like high quality. On top of that you get a black blade and black handle, which I really like. All black knife looks amazing.

Sharpness out of the box is not great, you will have to work on it a bit, in my specific case, I have not done this because I usually have other knives to beat on.

The sheath has a clip to put it on your belt, it stays there quite nice and securely, no major complains about that.

Overall the SOG SEAL Strike with deluxe sheath is a very good knife.

  • Steel: AUS-8
  • Blade thickness: 4.1 mm
  • Blade length: 12.40 cm
  • Handle length: 12 cm
  • Overall length: 24.40 cm

What a nice shot!