A new camping toy!

5 years ago

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A new camping toy!

On August 3 2018 I bought this stove at Chullanka (Antibes) for 29.99 EUR + 4.99 EUR fuel can.

This specific stove is threaded which makes it compatible with other brands of fuel cans as long as they are threaded as well. This is practical because you can buy any other compatible fuel cans and most importantly, it allows you to assemble everything when you need it and disassemble it when you are on the move even when your fuel can is not empty.

With other brands once you have installed the stove, you cannot disassemble it until the fuel can is empty which in my opinion is really annoying.

I tested it with my Bialetti coffee maker and it worked perfectly, my coffee was ready in about 3 mins 33 secs with mid-flame.

Here are the photos!

Hector Perez

Published 5 years ago