Morakniv Companion (Anthracite)

The famous Morakniv Companion, small, well built, affordable.

4 years ago

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The famous Morakniv Companion, small, well built, affordable.

I had the chance to get this knife on a trip to Cuneo in Italy. I bought it at Viano Profumeria Coltelleria Di Viano Luigi E C. S.N.C. for the incredible price of 13 EUR! I have to say that I was tempted to buy two of them, but since this is my first experience with the brand I preferred to take it easy.

Great place. Lots of fun eating Meringa and Cuneesi chocolates.

Out of the box, this knife comes extremely sharp, ready to cut anything that touches its edge. I have to say that it is quite a pleasure to use it since it goes through things like nobody’s business. I believe this is due to the Scandi grind on the blade.

The handle is a strong point of this knife, not only comfortable but very grippy too, even in wet environments I feel that this knife is not going out of my hand, which makes it safer to use than other knives.

I took this knife for a photo shoot on the river, quite an adventure, I should have recorded a video, “Behind the Scenes, The Sharp Edge Blog”, but I think I will do that next time. Anyway the point is that I got a little bit of rust on the “M” of the branding and where the blade meets the handle, you can actually see that on picture #10 and #11. I am not sure why this happened, it seems to me that the steel should be highly resistant to corrosion and rust, maybe it is a manufacturing defect, specially because it stayed in contact with the water for around one hour only, then I took it out gave it a good shake and put it back in the sheath. Later that day I discovered the rust!

In any case, I cannot really complain about that, for the price of this knife I think you get quite a lot of good stuff, and the rust went away with some acetone. I would encourage you to get this knife and give it a try, you can’t go wrong with it. It is available in several different colors to match your liking.

And now…the pictures!

Hector Perez

Published 4 years ago