Medieval Drinking Horn (Au Cuir Du Lion)

Medieval Drinking Horn (Au Cuir Du Lion)

Medieval Festival Perks

On July 21st 2018 a Medieval Festival took place in Saint Cezaire sur Siagne. This was my first medieval festival ever. I should say that it was a great experience, all people were dressed as in the Medieval age. Everyone was very well prepared, they knew about several subjects, there was an archery stand, battles with swords, overall a great time.

As you imagine there was a lot of stands to buy food or handcrafts. One of which is this awesome horn that was given to me by my girlfriend.

Funny story, I was watching the medieval knights fight, my girlfriend left me for a second to look for a restroom… Several minutes after I realized that too much time had elapsed so I went to look after her without any success. I decided to come back to the fighting arena. Some minutes after I found her, of course I told her I was looking for her and then she told me that she was just a few meters away, not true! because I did not see her. We found some chairs and had a rest. She tells me (very imperatively) that I am not allowed to buy anything that day. Of course I was a little bit frustrated because I felt mutilated, but anyway. When we were heading out to the exit, I see a man walking towards us, the guy looked at me and smiled… which was a bit suspicious for me, since I had never seen that guy before, I continued my way and we went home.

Next day (anniversary day), yes boys and girls, an awesome horn was waiting for me next morning, I could not believe it, and everything made sense from there. You might be wondering how did she keep the horn out of my sight, well, she was carrying a white bag with water bottles and some other stuff. Being that her property (so to speak) I did not open it or messed around with it. giving her the perfect place to hide it all the time! Turns out she went to look for the restroom and had a quick stop on some of the handcrafts stands! (classic girls…). But there is still one thing left, what about the mysterious guy? Well, this gentleman was the maker and seller of the horn, his name is Lionel and you can find his Facebook page here.

This was purchased at Medieval Festival Saint Cézaire sur Siagne on July 21st 2018 by my beautiful girlfriend!

Enjoy the photos!