Lionsteel T.R.E Grey Titanium (TRE-GY)

Lionsteel T.R.E Grey Titanium (TRE-GY)

The most expensive knife of my collection at the time of this writing!

The most expensive knife of my collection at the time of this writing!

Indeed is expensive, but worth it in my opinion. Italian knives are just great, they are very well made, every little detail is perfectly taken care of, rounded edges, no blade play, nothing touching the edge when closed, etc. You can feel the quality when you have this knife on your hands.

It comes with a set of accessories, a thumb stud, spare screws, fipper, and the tools to configure the knife (torx T6 and T8). All in a very nice wood tray to keep all the pieces in one place and display the knife.

This specific model is the T.RE. (Three Rapid Exchange). It means that you can have three different blade configurations:

  1. Nude: no flipper, no thumb stud, you have to open the blade with two hands.
  2. Thumb stud: self explanatory.
  3. Flipper: self explanatory.

All this according to the user’s manual, but of course you can have the thumb stud and the flipper at the same time.

It comes from the factory as a flipper (at least mine did). Which is the configuration I like the most.

The handle is made of titanium, as well as the pocket clip. About that last one, I am not really a fan of the pocket clip. I find it a bit difficult to clip it when I am wearing thick clothes, I have to struggle a bit to make sure it goes all the way, I mean, I don’t want to loose a 280 EUR knife!

Overall great knife, I couldn’t be happier! I am currently carrying it as EDC and I really like it.

You can also check the manufacturer’s page here.

As always, here are the photographs.

  • Steel: M390
  • Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Blade length: 7.4 cm
  • Closed length: 10.1 cm
  • Overall length: 17.5 cm
  • Opening mechanism: flipper (not spring-assisted)
  • Locking mechanism: frame lock